Transfers by public authorities


The following public records have been transferred to the The Provincial Archives of Åland by authonomy authorities and municipal authorities of Åland in 2023:

City of Mariehamn. Photographs, 1.5 running meters.

Fordonsmyndigheten (Motor Vehicle Office). Car documents, 18 running meters. Driving license applications, 0.9 running meters.

Sund municipality. Documents, 5.5 running meters.

Ålands arbetsmarknads- och studieservicemyndighet (The Åland Labour Market and Student Service Authority). Student support documents, 0.4 running meters.

Ålands fiskevårdscentrum Guttorp (Åland's Fish Care Centre). Documents, 0.2 running meters.

Ålands kulturdelegation (Culture Delegation of Åland). Stipend applications, 0.08 running meters.

Ålands landskapsregering, Department for Administrative Affairs. Blueprints, documents etc., 0.17 running meters.

Ålands landskapsregering, Department for Education and Culture, Office for Culture. Minutes, one binder.

Ålands landskapsregering, Department for Finance. Salary records, 3.3 running meters.

Ålands landskapsregering, Department for Industry and Trade, Forestry Agency. Documents, 4 running meters.

Ålands miljö- och hälsoskyddsmyndighet (Åland's Environment and Health Protection Authority). Case files, 5 running meters.

Published 18.12.2018
Updated 30.3.2023