Archive boxes on a shelf

Presentation of the Shipping Company Gustaf Erikson archives

The Shipping Company Gustaf Erikson archives are one of Åland's most renowned archives. Gustaf Erikson's significance in bringing the new Republic of Finland and it's autonomous region of Åland to the world map cannot be underestimated. A significant part of the Gustaf Erikson archives is being kept at the Provincial Archives of Åland. The archives are owned by The Åland Maritime Museum Trust and the Provincial Archives of Åland. 

The Shipping Company Gustaf Erikson archives received international attention when they were inscribed in UNESCO's Memory of the World National Register on April 18, 2017. The register is maintained by the Memory of the World Programme's National Committee of Finland. May 24, 2023 the Gustaf Erikson archives were included in the UNESCO's International Memory of the World Register.

On these pages You can read more about the history of Gustaf Erikson and his shipping company. Some of the documents have been digitized as a sample of our collections. You are also welcome to view the original documents in our Reading Room.

Published 18.10.2018
Updated 2.6.2023