Fotografi av ingång till Ålands landskapsarkiv

Contact information & opening hours

Our Reading Room is open for visitors:

Monday to Thursday 12:00–16:00
Friday 12:00–15:00

We are closed on the following days: June 9 (the Autonomy Day of Åland), Midsummer's Eve, December 6 (the Independence Day of Finland), and Christmas Eve. Exceptions to opening hours may occur.

Telephone: +358 (0)18 25 344
Telefax: +358 (0)18 12 908

Street adress

Ålands landskapsarkiv
Strandgatan 37, Mariehamn

Parking spaces for people with disabilities are available at the main entrance of Självstyrelsegården, west side of the building. If You use the main entrance, please sign in at the reception. You can use the elevator to move between floors.

Postal address

Ålands landskapsarkiv
Ålands landskapsregering
Pb 1060

How to find us

Our entrance is located at the southern end of the parliament building (Självstyrelsegården).

Published 18.10.2018
Updated 22.8.2023