Updated information for our visitors

The Reading Room at the Provincial Archives of Åland has been reopened for visitors. We ask that all our visitors follow the general guidelines for hygiene and social distancing during their visit.

Book of court records

For the authorities

One of the main tasks of the Provincial Archives of Åland is to give council and advice to the local authorities in the areas of records and archives management. Acting under the Archives Act (2004:13) of Åland we develop archiving and filing plans in cooperation with all the departments, offices and organs of the Government of Åland as well as other authoritative bodies that fall under the scope of the law. You can find more detailed information on the topic on our Swedish web pages.

The Provincial Archives of Åland is responsible for the safekeeping of public records with enduring value in the province of Åland. On these pages you can read more about how to transfer archive material to the Provincial Archives of Åland.

Please contact us if You have questions concerning the management or archiving of Your records.

Published 18.10.2018
Updated 29.11.2019