Updated information for our visitors

The Reading Room at the Provincial Archives of Åland has been reopened for visitors. We ask that all our visitors follow the general guidelines for hygiene and social distancing during their visit.

About legislation

The Provincial Archives of Åland was established under the Archives Act of Åland (ÅFS 2004:13) as the official archives institution of the Government of Åland. The Archives Act of Finland (FFS 1994:831) is, however, applied to state authorities operating in the Åland province, with the restrictions set out in section 30, paragraph 17 of the Act on the Autonomy of Åland (FFS 1991:1144):

"Archives originating from state government authorities operating in the province shall be removed from the province only after consultation with the provincial government."

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Published 22.5.2019
Updated 10.12.2019