Church records of Åland

Church records are one of the most popular sources for family history research. The church records include records of baptisms, marriages and funerals, as well as emigration and immigration. By browsing the church records of Åland You might be able to discover many exciting things about Your ancestors.

Church Records on ArkivDigital

The church records of the parishes of Åland from the oldest to the year 1885 can be accessed through ArkivDigital, a Swedish online database for historical records. ArkivDigital is a subscription based service but can be accessed freely on our reading room computers.

Church Records on Astia

Brändö's, Eckerö's, Finström's, Föglö's and Hammarland's parish registers from oldest to ca 1870 have also been published in the National Archives of Finland's Digital Archives. 

Church Records on Hiski

The church records of all the parishes of Åland from the oldest to the year 1895 have been digitized into searchable tabular format. You can access the database's contents through the Genealogical Society of Finland's online service Hiski.

Published 8.5.2019
Updated 3.8.2022