Transferring archive material

The Provincial Archives of Åland is responsible for the safekeeping of public records with permanent value in the province of Åland. We accept documents and records from those public administration authorities, bodies and organs that are stipulated in the Archives Act (2004:13) of Åland, Section 1, first Clause:

  • Authorities, offices, institutions, and other organs relating to the Government of Åland
  • Ålands penningautomatförening (Paf)
  • Municipal authorities and organs
  • Other collective bodies, organs and persons carrying out public duties according to autonomy acts, insofar as these duties produce records and documents as stipulated in the Act on the Openness of Public Records (1977:72) of Åland.

Records that originate at or concern one of those authorities, offices, institutions or organs as stipulated above and have been determined for permanent preservation are to be transferred to the Provincial Archives of Åland. The time of delivery and the procedures to follow during the transfer will be determined prior to the transfer in agreement with the Provincial Archives of Åland. Please note that the authorities are responsible for the storage of the archival records prior to the transfer, as well as for the delivery costs. 

Please contact us if you wish to transfer archive material to us.

Published 6.8.2019
Updated 29.11.2019