You can find a collection of books on the shipping company's history in our library. The following works are available in English:

Cormack, Nell W.: Herzogin Cecilie. The Flagship of the Gustaf Erikson Fleet of Mariehamn 1921–1936 (1996)

Eriksson, Pamela. The Duchess : the life and death of the Herzogin Cecilie (2003)

Eriksson, Pamela & Lundberg, Ulla-Lena. The Duchess and the captain’s wife : Herzogin Cecilie and her circle (2020)

Greenhill, B. & Hackman, J.: The Herzogin Cecilie : the life and times of a four-masted barque (1991)

Kåhre, Georg & Greenhill, B.: The last tall ships (1979)

Svensson, Björn O. Pommern, Mariehamn : from ocean carrier to museum ship (1988)


Published 29.3.2019
Updated 10.1.2023