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Material on ArkivDigital

Some of the archives we keep have been digitized by the Swedish company, ArkivDigital. ArkivDigital is a subscription based service that offers access to a large database of Swedish church records and other historical records, as well as some of the records kept at the Provincial Archives of Åland.

We offer free computer access to ArkivDigital's databases in our Reading Room to our customers.

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List of digitized material concerning Åland on ArkivDigital

Church Records (Parish Registers)

  • Parish Registers from earliest times to ca. 1885

Ålands domsaga (Judicial District of Åland)

  • Estate Inventories 1706-1916
  • Court Records 1606-1900
  • Court Book Register 1623-1758
  • Guardianship Records 1744-1808
  • Bankruptcies 1788-1902
  • Title Deed Records 1744-1901
  • Land Partition Records 1696-1806
  • House Inspections 1695-1895
  • Incoming Letters 1650-1773

Ålands häradsskrivare (District Taxation Registrar)

  • Tax/Census Records 1768, 1819-1880, 1890, 1895,1899-1900,1910-1915,1919-1921,1929-1933
  • Land Records 1661-1890 (scattered years)
  • Boatswain 1741-1850 (scattered years)
  • Lists of taverns, postmen, homes and apartments, craftsmen and more 1789-1928 (scattered years)

Ålands kronofogde (Sheriff)

  • Various official documents 1738-1925
  • Records on vagrants 1789
  • Lists of Ship Passports 1821,1825, 1827-1832
  • Lists of Travel Passports 1863-1900
  • Lists of Incoming Letters 1779-1906
  • Lists of various officers and nobility, craftsmen, business owners, guest works and more 1812-1906 (scattered years)

Lantmäteribyrån (Land Survey Office)

  • Maps and documents 1700-1973

Kontraktsprosten (Rural Dean)

  • Diverse minutes and documents 1564-1879 (scattered years)

Kastelholms kronofängelse (Prison)

  • Lists of prisoners 1804-1910 (scattered years)

Sjömanshus (Sailor's Home)

  • Mariehamns sjömanshus 1875-1955
  • Vårdö sjömanshus 1868-1954
Published 23.9.2019
Updated 3.12.2019