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Policy for the use of cookies on

We use cookies on our website to give you as a visitor the best user experience possible. Cookies are used to see which choices you as a visitor have made in the past and to give us the opportunity to make more user-friendly. We also use cookies to measure website traffic and for statistics. 


A cookie is a small amount of data that usually has a unique identifier on it. This data is sent from a website to your browser and saved there, on your hard drive, so that the website can recognize your computer.

All websites can send cookies to your browser if your browser settings allow it. To prevent this information from being misused, websites can only read information from cookies they saved and not from cookies saved by other websites.

There are two types of cookies, necessary and functional.

Necessary cookies are temporarily stored on your computer and are needed to make our website operational. They disappear when you close the browser. You cannot take them out of service.

Functional cookies are used for some of the website's support functions and to find out how the website is used. They are stored by us and by the companies that created the features. If you do not allow functional cookies, some of the functions on the website may stop working. Most websites use cookies to improve usability. Cookies cannot damage your files or increase the risk of viruses on your computer.

As a user, you have the option to set whether you want cookies to be saved automatically in your browser, whether you want to be asked every time a cookie wants to be saved or whether you want no cookies to be saved. Cookies are used on many websites, not just on, to keep track of whether the browser has visited the website before and what choices were made then. A check is made with each visit to the website whether cookies are stored in the browser or not. If there are no stored cookies from the website, the browser saves the cookies that are on the website.

Cookies used on

Necessary cookies and functional cookies are used on

Necessary cookies

In ÅDA's website package we use for example session cookies that are necessary for the website and its services to work for you. A session cookie is a type of cookie that is temporarily stored on your computer while you visit our website and disappears when the browser is closed.

Necessary cookies cannot be disabled by the user.

Session cookies

  • SERVERID - Stores which server will handle the request.
  • cookie-agreed 
  • cookie-agreed-categories 
  • cookie-agreed-version 

Functional cookies

Not all cookies are necessary. The purpose of non-necessary cookies is to collect information about your behavior or preferences without a specific need.

With the help of non-necessary cookies, we collect anonymous visitor statistics and can analyze the website using the web statistics tool Matomo, but also give the visitor access to for example the Talking Web.


  • _pk_id (13 months) - Stores details about the current visitor (unique visitor id)
  • _pk_ses  (30 min) – Stores information concerning the current website visit

Talking Web - Talking Web is a feature of Browsealoud.

Find and remove cookies

Browsers are different. Look in the help function of your browser for information on how to change the cookie settings. You can delete all cookies from your harddrive yourself. You do this in your browser's settings.

You can also use the Cookie Settings button on this page to withdraw your consent.


Specific questions about this policy can be sent to

Published 3.5.2023
Updated 5.5.2023