Private donations and deposits


The Provincial Archives of Åland has received the following deposits and donations from private actors in 2023:

Archives from private individuals:

Ahlnäs Bo traffic archive. Documents, 0.03 running meters.

Forsum, Göran. Special theory of relativity, 0.025 running meters. Fermat's Lost Theorem, 0.01 running meters.

Friman, Erik. Newspaper articles etc., 0.04 running meters.

Hollmerus, Marianne. Documents, 0.01 running meters.

Karlsson, Carina. Clip books, 0.87 running meters.

Karlsson, Karl Reinhold Lorentz. Photo albums etc., 0.04 running meters.

Lindfors, Harald and Gerda. Photoalbums etc., 0.16 running meters.

Nyman, Valdemar. Postcards etc., 1 binder.

Mattson, Ida Wilhelmina (f. Backman). Midwife documents etc., 1 envelope.

Limnell, Bo and Sjöholm, Ralph E. Photographs, 0.03 running meters.

Wester, Allan. Blueprints, 0.5 running meters.

Wikström, Folke. Sketches for stamps etc., 1 box.


Arkitektbyrå Svahnström Kb. Blueprints, 10 running meters.

Clubs and associations

Alandia Squaredancers r.f. Documents, 1 running meter.

Art Association of Åland (Ålands konstförening). Scrapbooks, 4 pcs.

Literature Association of Åland (Ålands litteraturförening). Minutes, 1 bundle.

Mariehamn's Bridge Club. Minutes etc., 0.4 hyllmeter.

Socialmissionen på Åland (Åland’s Social Mission). Minutes and accounting, 0.14 running meters.

Sport Association of Åland (Ålands Idrottsförbund). Documents, 5 bags.

Teaterföreningen i Mariehamn. History, programs etc., 1 bundle.

TÅLC r.f. Minutes and letters, 1.5 running meters.

Valdemarsällskapet. Minutes, accounting, etc., 0.3 running meters.

Waldorf Åland r.f. Documents, 47 boxes.

Åland's Tourist Association. Guest books, 0.25 running meters.

Published 18.12.2018
Updated 18.12.2023