Guidelines for hygiene and social distancing for those who visit the Reading Room of the Provincial Archives of Åland

To protect our customers and personnel and to minimize the risk of infection as well as possible, we ask that all our customers follow the following guidelines for hygiene and social distancing while visiting the Reading Room of the Provincial Archives of Åland.

The Reading Room is open during the usual opening hours (Monday-Thursday 12:00-16:00, Friday 12:00-15:00). Any deviations in our opening hours are announced separately.

If any customer or employee of the Provincial Archives of Åland is found to be infected with Covid-19, the Reading Room will be temporarily closed. How long the closure lasts will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

You should not visit the Reading Room if you:

  • belong to one of the risk groups for Covid-19,
  • have influenza or symptoms of Covid-19,
  • have been abroad during the last two weeks or suspect you may have been exposed to Covid-19.

We ask that you follow these guidelines while visiting our Reading Room:

  • Before you go in, wash your hands in the public toilet or use the hand sanitizer that is available near the entrance of the Reading Room.
  • The number of seats for customers is reduced so that it’s possible to maintain the recommended safety distance between customers as well as between customers and staff.
  • Please maintain a safe distance to others while you’re waiting for your turn at the customer service counter. Only one customer is allowed at the counter at a time.
  • The staff avoids physically receiving or handling customers’ personal notes or documents, if possible. Pens and similar writing materials for public use can be removed to reduce contact.

The staff of the Provincial Archives of Åland will provide more detailed instructions if necessary.

Published 13.1.2022
Updated 29.3.2022