Updated information for our visitors

The Reading Room at the Provincial Archives of Åland has been reopened for visitors. We ask that all our visitors follow the general guidelines for hygiene and social distancing during their visit.

Prices as of 1 July, 2020

Copying A4, per page (black and white) 0,50 €
Copying A3, per page (black and white) 1,00 €
Copying, per page (color) 1,50 €
Certified copies, per page 1,50 €
Scanning of A4, per page 0,50 €
Request for records, hourly cost if amount of work exceeds 2 hours 30,00 € / hour
Research of larger scale, including family history research 100,00 €

All prices incl. VAT (24 %).

The prices we charge are set out by the Government of Åland and are based on recovering the costs of providing the services.

Published 4.12.2018
Updated 18.6.2020